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IDGAF is a collective of emerging international artists, art critics, and curators. 

We collaborate with young artists across the globe to highlight latest trends, opinions, and methods in the contemporary art world according to emerging creatives.

Our focus is to provide a space to share impressions of all kinds within the rapidly changing art market.


How do artists and collaborators maintain a balance between exposure and control? How are artists received? What really is the role of the  curator today? The critic?


How much do these opinions really matter when our digital era has given most everyone a platform to voice them?


We believe the answer is quite a lot.

If you are interested in contributing to this project, please contact us.

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"I’m going to talk about art as if you know nothing. I know nothing—that’s a thrilling place to be, because really, in front of every single work of art you’ve ever seen, you have never seen it before. And that to me is an amazing thing that we discount all the time. We begin to take that thrill, that otherness, that silence, even if it turns out to be crap, for granted. And I don’t want you ever to do that. Don’t think beforehand you know what’s good or bad, because you really don’t."

Jerry Saltz
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